I am challenging myself to always do at least one daily sketch and post them here.   I am hoping that by posting them here, it will encourage me to stick with it.  Some days I might have an hour, other days only 5 minutes, but if I only have 5 minutes I can use that time to sketch something from a reference or real life and post it.

A wise man once said that to become a skilled artist you must first have the humility to be an amateur.  I realized at once that part of the problem with my perfectionism and procrastination is based in pride.  And pride creates fear, fear of looking bad.  I’m hoping that by posting my sketches here, no matter how good or horrible they are, it will not only help me to grow in skill, but also to break my pride so that I can draw, sculpt and paint without worrying about the outcome.  My quest is to enjoy the process and not to worry about what anyone else will think of it.  I’m not there yet.

With that, here is the first one.  I just saw Sword Art Online : Ordinal Scale and so…




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